Friday, January 9, 2009

A day at school

Today I went to school to register for the co-curricular activities. Here are some pics to share. Most of them are taken by Chee Yi.

Me and Jian Liang. Sorry about the eyes LOL. I was looking at a girl when Chee Yi took the pic.When i calle Chee Yi to take the girl's pic, the girl waas gone. Sigh.
Ps: i'm not a pervert!!Please don't misunderstand

Playing "RICHBOY" Chee Yi's iPod Touch.
Must pay some respect to him in school?

Wow!!The Bombas are playing with water.Oo.Don't they know water are very precious and they still dare to play with the water.In Egypt water are more expensive than petroleum.

The Kadets are marching.They look so.....DAZZLING!!!

My 'selfish' friend won't let me take his pic.He was wearing tux lol.Guess who he is and a big prize is waiting for you.

Me standing in front one of the Scout's creation.All of them are made out of bamboo. Wow i really admire their creativity and their determination to build this thing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday is coming to an end and the cruel school life is starting.I really hope i can handle this year's add math and don't be the last in my class,it's way emberassing.